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My Vision

As we endure these ever-changing and challenging times, the Institute must begin to recognize the need for change from within. When I got involved as a union activist many years ago, it was as much to change PIPSC, as it was to affect the Employer. Governments are changing the way they do business on a regular basis, changing the rules, the laws and the organization of departments and agencies. First, and foremost, PIPSC must remain vigilant in its pursuit for consultation and promotion of our positions. Following are some fundamental beliefs and ideas that pertain to the future of our organization.

A Lean and Green Future

The time for wasting the Earth’s resources is over! PIPSC, like many organizations, has begun to change our way of doing business, but we have so much more work to do. Being “Green” is a culture change, and I believe that this change could affect not only a huge internal savings of your dues, but also a huge external savings of the Environment. To do this, we must be vigilant in prioritizing and questioning our needs in the area of travel, promotional items, printing and mail-outs. I intend to hold myself publically accountable for our actions and progress in this area. We must also assure that the technologies we need to keep pace with our membership are in place. This will serve to increase our ability to communicate with our members in more diverse and effective ways.

Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility

I believe strongly in fiscal and moral accountability by your elected officials. I am principled in the use of Institute funds, and expect my colleagues to be the same. Member’s funds should always be spent to the betterment of members, and any money used for this purpose is money well spent. There must, however, be a system to monitor for abuse. I support a forum for elected officials to answer to their membership and address their concerns on all fronts of accountability. In addition to this, I believe that PIPSC needs to consider a model that controls the flow of Hospitality expenses more rigorously, and report more clearly and transparently on the use of our member’s dues. It costs a significant amount money to do business well, but let’s be more open about where exactly your dues are going!

National Visibility

As President I intend to continue to activate the Institute like never before in every region of our country. We can only change the world if we stand in solidarity, and I intend to focus our efforts on inclusion of all members, from all groups and regions as the Institute goes forth in the years to come. I intend to be as available to members outside of the NCR, as I will be to those within the capital region. I will comment on any and all actions against our members in the media and all available forums. I will lobby your MPs and other elected officials to further our collective goals. I will tackle any challenge to our members, no matter how small the affected group is. I will be there for you!

Communication and Lobbying

As a union of Professionals, we are uniquely positioned to engage our members on the highest of levels. Yet year after year we are consistently reaching only a small fraction of our membership, regardless of our diligence. We need to get beyond this and reach out to our members in new dynamic ways. We must take every opportunity to allow members to advance their positions and issues for the greater good of us all. We need to activate our membership on all fronts. We need to vote more, consult more, and get actively involved in lobbying for the issues that are of great importance to our members…YOU.

Reorganization of Portfolios

The Federal government is becoming increasingly involved in horizontal initiatives in order to meet their budgetary constraints. Many plans are underway to share corporate services and realign organizations to do more with less. The creation of Shared Services is a prime example. The current portfolio structure of the Institute does not meet the needs of the Consultation that is required outside of department or agency boundaries. In order to ensure that we take a collective approach to these over-arching initiatives, we need to take a new approach to our involvement.

To this end, I will push for a portfolio structure that better represents the Governments new way of doing business, and one that capitalizes on the individual skills and abilities of all the PIPSC Elected officials and representatives. Portfolios would be assigned to Directors of the Board and other trusted representatives based on the issues that matter to our members. A mechanism for sharing and communicating amongst ourselves would be a priority, so that no issue falls through the cracks. This would assure a more wholesome and inclusive approach to tackling the things that matter to you, as both a federal public servant and a Canadian citizen. With the right resources, direction and support, there is no doubt we can accomplish great things for all of us.

Steward support and Succession Planning

Stewards and union activists are the motor of our Union. Without them, we are invisible in the workplace, where our members need us most. The Institute has always provided mandatory Steward Training to all new stewards, and this training provides us with the basics of our duties as Union representatives. We could, however, be doing a lot more to support our stewards. Stewards need tools, guidance, ongoing training, funds, and regular and direct access to Employment Relations Officers. We need a plan to engage volunteers slowly and to mentor them until they are comfortable and productive at all aspects of Stewardship. We need to actively recruit new stewards to ensure diversity and coverage, and we need to find ways to retain our productive stewards for longer periods.

To do this, we must increase our support of Stewards in the workplace, and vigilantly protect the rights and careers of those members who have put labour justice ahead of their own job aspirations. We must provide more direct and reliable access to those same stewards when they are need of the Institute’s financial, moral, or legal support. Most of all, we must stand firm in solidarity in the face of the employer to ensure that no member’s rights slips through the cracks of this organization.

My vision for our future is an inclusive and transparent organization, which is held regularly accountable to its members. I sincerely hope you will join me in the true spirit of a Union for all of our futures.


  Updated on: 2013-10-02