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Why Should you Vote in the PIPSC Elections?

We must become actively engaged in electing our candidates if we are to be successful in enhancing the work life and compensation for our members. There are a number of great reasons to fill out your ballot and put it in the mail. What can YOUR vote do?…
It can get you a better Collective Agreement!
Employers can view the public results of our election to determine if our members are active and organized. This affects their approach to bargaining with us. A union that acts with strong solidarity is likely to achieve a lot more than one that cannot engage its members in its National elections.
It can get you better service from your PIPSC Elected Officials:
A breakdown of the voting results is provided to candidates after the election. The more active constituencies will inevitably get more attention and resources to address their issues…Remember; it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil!
You can help to safeguard your union dues:
By carefully selecting a candidate that supports your views, you are helping to ensure that your dues are being spent in the areas that you feel are appropriate and important.
It’s your democratic right:
Don’t be too quick to give it up. Many unions and political parties vote for their leaders by convention, thereby allowing only the most active members to have a vote. This can turn any election into a political frenzy, losing the real focus…our members.
The union officials that we elect affect our work lives in many ways. Every member now has the opportunity to make personal decisions and influence the future for Professionals in the Public Service. PIPSC elections are rarely won by comfortable margins, so EVERY vote counts!


  Updated on: 2013-10-02